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Dre McKissack

Dre McKissack photo Dre McKissack

Andre "Dre" McKissack is the founder and head trainer at Dre’s Elite Fitness. As a 2014 graduate of Crandall High School, Dre is thrilled to bring a premier fitness facility home to Crandall, TX.

Dre discovered his passion for health and fitness during his own weight loss journey. After struggling with obesity through high school and topping 300 pounds, Dre dedicated himself to overhauling his diet and exercise habits post-graduation.

Through hard work, perseverance, and support from family and friends, Dre lost over 100 pounds and completely transformed his lifestyle. He continues his fitness journey today as a competitive powerlifter.

Dre’s dramatic physical and mental transformation sparked a mission to help others achieve their health goals. He decided to become a certified personal trainer to support his local community on their fitness journeys.

Now Dre brings his inspirational story and wealth of training experience to Dre’s Elite Fitness. He takes pride in fostering a supportive, judgment-free environment where people of all backgrounds and ability levels feel welcome and motivated.

When he’s not actively coaching clients, you’ll find Dre leading by example – hitting PRs in the gym, studying the latest fitness techniques, or enjoying the great Texas outdoors with family. Dre looks forward to helping Crandall join him on the path to elite fitness.

ISSA Certified Trainer
ISSA Fitness Nutrition

Classes Offered:
Beginner's Lifting
Strength & Conditioning
Elite Cardio Challenge

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